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Step 10 of the 10 Steps to Losing Weight! Subject: Forever Change!

Step 10: Wash, Rinse, Repeat! Life is always progressing forward or going backward. Your fitness, health and nutritional results will do the same. Knowing how easy it was for you to achieve your goal sometimes can be deceiving. You think as you look back “That wasn’t that bad, I could do it again”. That may be true, but simple daily maintenance is always best. By continuing to look at your daily goals (you are aloud to change them from I want to weigh….to I now weigh….) and then allowing the RAS to make it remain important to you, you can and will remain at your ideal weight and enjoy your NEW LIFESTYLE.

Action Step: As you now write out your new life daily in your journal, make sure you write about

how your life has changed for the better and what you do daily now you have become who you

want to be. This way you already know what to do now that you have already achieve your

outcome. You don’t step on the scale, see your magic weight number and say “now what”. You

already know! Instead of just living your life, you are creating it! I look forward to hearing about your amazing journey. Please email me at with your amazing success story. When you have accomplished all of this, consider who else would benefit from such a process. Or better yet, do this process with someone else. You can keep each other accountable and enjoy the life you create together.

Thank you again and here’s to your health!

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