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James Gustason, CHt.
Mindset Expert, Life Coach and Professional Hypnotist

James Gustason is a Certified Hypnotist specializing in Limitless Transformational Change. Limitless Transformation is the process by which anyone can find the solutions and desired outcome they currently only dream about. With more than five hundred hours of extensive training coaching, in hypnosis and neurological change processes, James has the techniques which will allow you to achieve your desired outcome.


James is a certified member of the International Hypnosis Federation and is trained and certified in a combined advanced hypnosis technique with cutting-edge neurological processes. The way each of us see, navigate and experience the world is through our neurology and our experiences which shape what we focus on and what notice in our world. If we are wired to see the world as difficult, that people do not like us, or that money is difficult or that it is impossible to make any progress then we have wired our neurology to look for evidence of and which supports that belief. James has been extensively trained in helping anyone break old patterns and excel at new, empowering patterns of life.


In atddition to his Limitless Transformation programs, James is trained in the most up-to-date process to help anyone quit smoking once and for good. The technique James employs help his clients stop smoking in 1 session. This process is 95% successful and comes with a Life Time Guarantee. James studied under Ken Guzzo in California where Ken has helped over 6,000 people stop smoking in One session employing the technique James employs.


James is also trained in the Virtual Gastric Band protocol developed by Shelia Granger out of the UK. This protocol has been shown to be 95% successful in clinical trials in England. James passion for helping others release excess weight stems from his training as a Certified Nutritionist. James has more than 8 years’ experience in helping thousands of his clients lose weight,

James is passionate about helping people step into their power, and into their joy. Throughout the entire process, James helps you rediscover all your natural talents and abilities to guide you to a new you which already accepts the changes leading to the outcome you desire. By helping his clients find an identity which mirrors who they desire to become.


Originally James founded James P Gustason Hypnosis and saw clients in person in his office but has since moved most of his business online as it has proven to be equally effective and helping his clients create lasting change. In June of 2022, James moved his office to it's current location and now sees clients in person again. James also provides on-line programs which help anyone create change at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home. James also offers amazing hypnosis MP3 files which allow you to reprogram your mind to see the world through a new lens and zest for life. James adds new MP3's weekly so make sure to check back from time to time.

James will also create a customized hypnosis MP3 upon request should you have a very specific desired outcome. Contact James to schedule your planning strategy session and allow him to create a program just for you.


James is passionate about helping others. James as dedicated over a decade of his life to helping others find the version of themselves they deserve to be and helping them live the life they have always wanted.

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