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New @ Max Muscle Layton - Workout Plans!

Max Muscle Layton has always had the attainment of your goals at the center of our business. Over the years,  we have helped hundreds of clients lose unwanted body fat and gain lean muscle using our knowledge of nutrition and by helping create nutrition plans to meet their needs.


Since the inception of Max Muscle Nutrition Planning, we have always deferred exercise advice to personal trainers at local gyms. This is because we have always attempted to collaborate with others to serve the needs of our clients. Recently, we decided to investigate how many of our clients don’t have access to personal trainers and have discovered that most of our clients do not have the option or don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars every month to have someone train them. It was this discovery that led us to make the decision to become certified personal trainers as well.


While we will not be working with you one to one at the gym, we will create workout plans to help you know what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it and how to perform the exercise to maximize your results. 


Until then we have some pre-made workout plans, we are ready to help you with as well. Some of the workout plans were created by personal trainers locally while others are workout programs offered by professionals who have more of a national presence.

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