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Discover the Map of your Unconscious Mind

The Subconscious mind is very literal and yet uses metaphor and analogy to form a contextual model for processing data and creating patterns to help us navigate the external world. Many of the solutions to our problems reside in the subconscious mind and yet the subconscious does not use language in the way our conscious mind does, it communicates with us through feelings and emotions.  Anxiety, stress, and to some degree allergies, autoimmune disorders and even weight gain are the result of the subconscious screaming at us to pay attention. 

While I am not suggesting that all ailments we experience are a direct result of our subconscious mint attempting to communicate with us, I am implying that our health is impacted by our stress response and the accompanying hormones. The message the subconscious mind is telling us can be reveled through metaphor and the metaphor I use is called Mindscaping. 

Mindscaping is a way of building a bridge to the unconscious mind of the person you are working with. Whereby the unconscious mind of that person offers you, metaphorically, the keys that will solve their problem. What is interesting is that often after the Mindscaping session the perons simply generalizes the change into every area of their lives. 

So who should consider working with Mindscaping? Anyone who feels they need to reveal or find the answer to a question they did not even know they had. Perhaps someone who is wondering if a physical change they have experienced in life could be tied to a message the unconscious mind is attempting to reveal. And maybe you know of the problem and are looking for what the unconscious mind will reveal to you to help you move forward. 

Need more information? Contact me for a free Consultation to determine what is the best course of action for you. If we both agree that Mindscaping is a possible solution we can set up and take the next step in helping your unconscious reveal the best solution to your questions.

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