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Transformational Hypnosis

James is a Certified Professional Hypnotist specializing in Transformational Change. He has helped numerous clients overcome many debilitating issues such as anxiety, depression as well has helped his clients find relief from allergies and had some success helping his clients find peace from autoimmune issues. 

James is not a medical doctor, nor does he claim to cure any disease or mental health issues. James is a Mind Set coach and Master Hypnotist who guides his clients toward solving their own issues on an unconscious level. 

Book a consultation with James today and see if working with your own unconscious mind can help you create the life you want.


Hypnosis is perhaps the fastest change facilitator ever discovered. What this means to you is that what may take months or even years to change on your own can happen in as little as 30 days. Clients see James for a variety of reasons ranging from general anxiety to autoimmune relief. See the list below of services James offers and if your particular concern is not listed, send him a message and he will schedule a FREE phone consultation to determine if what you need is something he is able to help you resolve.

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