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Evolution Intervention


Life - altering transformation that facilitates optimum health, well-being, and performance.

The goal in Evolution Intervention is to activate life-altering transformation that helps you identify and move beyond core constrictions which negatively affect your current health, well being and performance. Over the course of a three-month period we provide you with opportunities to address past and present blocks that get in the way of you living a life of confidence, joy and ease.

E.I begins with a respectful and simple process using a series of questions, along with guided imagery techniques, to help you:

  • Reveal, through powerful metaphors, patterns that hinder you from achieving your full potential.

  • Investigate your unconscious limiting beliefs.

  • Pinpoint areas of significant pressure or stress to help you see the larger picture. 

  • Release core constrictions at the neurological and cellular level.

When your coping behaviors and their problematic symptoms are uncovered, it becomes clear why you are not moving forward, being and performing at your best or living a full, satisfying life. 

As you progress through each of the four sessions, together we:

  • Build on discoveries and release constrictions long held in your nervous system.

  • Facilitate your connection to a deep-rooted sense of wholeness, peace and well-being

  • Help you discover how to change your personal metaphors into positive and supportive images that allow you to maintain the profound shifts you experience in this process.

Significant Outcomes and Benefits that are Possible:

  • Enhanced health and well-being

  • Heightened experience of joy

  • Increased "effortless effort"

  • More "best days"

  • Unexpected healing of physical ailments

  • Minimization or disappearance of food allergies

  • Reduction of phobias

  • Healthy weight loss

  • Improvement in autoimmune functioning

Guiding Principles of the E.I. Process

We are always connected with the source of all life, and this does not change. The only thing that can change is our awareness of the connection. It is like the sun, always there, regardless of whether or not it is sunny, raining or snowing.


The source of all life is our fundamental nature. We cannot emphasize this too strongly. Our connection to source is as natural as breathing is to the body.


We are an integrated system; our thoughts, feelings, physiology, and actions all work together. It is impossible to be thinking happy thoughts and feeling miserable emotionally at the same time. Because we are an integrated system, we can influence our physiology and how we feel by shifting what we think and do.


We are responsible for managing our mind - not the other way around. If our mind takes over, it is like the dog chasing its tail. The mind has wonderful abilities but cannot lead us to peace. If we guide the mind, it becomes a wonderful tool, assisting us in living our potential.

Our true identity is never linked to fear or limitations. Fear is experienced in our physical system as a constriction. You man notice physically getting colder, a sense of tension in your body, or holding your breath. When we feel fear or other painful emotions, we are getting a signal that we are not grounded in our true identity. The pain comes as a signal, just like physical pain alerts us to when a part of our body is in distress or out of alignment. 

Physical symptoms are signals for us to pay attention to what we are doing and to address the choices we may have made (usually not consciously) in the past. When our way of coping lead to fear over long periods of time the symptoms we experience will become increasingly more severe.

We attract the very things we fear, and create the experiences we most dread. In our attempts to avoid being ridiculed, rejected or abandoned we often create the scenarios and experience the very things we are trying to prevent. This creates opportunities for us to learn so that we can release patterns that are not in harmony with our true nature.

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So What is Next?

Are you ready to make the lasting changes you have always wanted? Book a FREE strategy session with me to see how E.I. can help you take back control of your life and your future. 

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