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Is Procrastination Holding you back?

What is Procrastination? Let's define procrastination as the habit of delaying taking action. Yes that is a broad definition but typically anytime we decide not to take action we are procrastinating. Where the definition becomes more complicated is when we begin to attempt to assign reasons for our delaying taking action. 

Hugging a Pillow

The reason I bring up the topic of defining what is causing procrastination is because the reason for the procrastination is the problem and the procrastination itself is the symptom. Knowing the cause will help decide which action to take to rid your life of the symptom, procrastination. Some people love the thrill of doing something last minute to get the adrenaline rush while others procrastinate to avoid something unpleasant; same delay in taking action but for very different reasons. While very different in reason the outcome is still very similar, to cause a shift in how we feel. 

All human action is driven by feeling. One we want more of or one we want less of. I get some push back on this from time to time but when it comes to getting results, the shift in how the person feels is always the fastest and most effective way to stop procrastination and to get the person to take action. Luckily there are some fast ways to take action using neurology but for long-term change, hypnosis has an amazing track record for helping change behavior. 

Before I move on to how I can help, let me address the elephant in the room so to speak. Logical people always say that they take action based on the analytical mind. They will argue that they use logic to make any decision and that they have learned how not to respond emotionally. I will agree with them but only to support my observations and therefore my stance that feeling is what gets them to take action. 

Logic is wonderful and it is what separates us from all other species. We are able to look forward into the future or into the past through thought. We can make decisions based on what we "see" when we do so and take action based on our observation. But consider this, what made the person "want" whatever it is that they are using logic to decide what to do? My bet is it is because of something they are going to get and the way they are going to feel when they get it. 

When you make the decision to stop procrastinating it can be very liberating as you now feel a sense of control. And while it may take some time to learn a new behavior, it will always be well worth it. Hypnosis can help speed up the process and help you take back control today!

So, what is the next step? Perhaps it is working with me one to one to eliminate the reason you procrastinate at the root of the problem. Perhaps it will be for more of an general increase in motivation. Whatever it is I am sure we can determine if working together is the next course of action. 


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