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Welcome our Newest Team Member At Max Muscle Layton - Kaydee!

Kaydee joins my team not only as my newest team member but as my wife. Kaydee and I got married back in April 2022 and I am excited she joined my team!

We created a YouTube channel devoted to all things nutrition, supplementation and health. I recently added a video introducing Kaydee. Please watch it now.

Kaydee comes to the team with some unique experience in nutrition. Kaydee competed in a NGA show a few years ago and learned by experience the importance of "reverse dieting".

Have you ever lost weight, hit your goal only to find that once you got there you did not know what to do to keep the weigh off? Kaydee experienced the same thing after her show and learned how to reverse diet to reignite her metabolism afterward. If you are struggling with a slow or "broken" metabolism, then come talk with Kaydee and learn what she did to stay lean and healthy.

Perhaps the most exciting thing we are adding with Kaydee's help is weekly uploads to our YouTube channel designed around what you, our clients, want to know about. We ask that you email, text or even call in with a question. If we don't have the answer, we will get it. We will upload a video with your specific topic and share the video here to help others that may be struggling with the exact same concern or issue you have. Of course we will never say where we got the question and keep your privacy. We just want to help anyone and everyone looking for answers they are struggling to answer.

We would love to have you join our Facebook page and like our YouTube channel to be notified of any and all information pertaining to Max Muscle Layton, Supplementation, Dieting and Weight loss and of course Health and Fitness.

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