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RD Recommended Nutrition Plan and Meal Planning Software!

Registered Dietitian Recommended? How? In 2012 James took an extensive training with an RD out of the State of Nevada and was certified to offer advice and guidance regarding how to lose weight by Exercise and Nutrition Works Incorporated. James was thoroughly trained in how to help his clients eat to meet their individual nutritional needs of calories, grams of protein, carbohydrate and fat based on their activity level, body composition and exercise selections.

One of the key aspects of James' training in weight-loss is that of lowering of Blood Sugar and thus the lowering Insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone and transports sugar into cells. High Insulin levels hampers your weight-loss efforts by causing your fat cells to slow and even stop its release of free fatty acids into the bloodstream to be burned by your organs and muscles for energy. The higher your insulin, the less fat will be available to be burned by your cells.

When you work with James and Kaydee, they will help educated you on the importance of eating the correct foods at the correct times to maximize your body's ability to release and burn stored body fat. When you are able to control insulin, all while having a caloric deficit, you will naturally tap into stored fat at an accelerated and effective rate. What this process is called is "nutrient timing" and by maximizing the process, you can and will feel better and lose fat more quickly.

As discussed in past blogs, a pound of fat is approximately 3500 stored calories. See the diagram to the right to get a clear understanding of what it takes to lose weight properly.

The diagram shows how having a 500 calorie deficit per day will lead to 1 Pound or 2.2kg of fat lost per week. In the perfect world it is as easy as that. Cut your calories by 500 or increase your caloric expenditure by 500 per day and lose a pound, plain and simple. But what if your body isn't running optimally and therefore is not in the "perfect" world? What if your insulin levels are high and therefor your body isn't releasing store body fat efficiently? You WILL NOT lose the fat! I can argue all day about how your body not running optimally will lead to no fat loss with people in this industry until I am blue in the face and they will still just say, "calories in, calories out". If you have elevated insulin levels, if your thyroid is not producing the proper amount of T3 and T4 or effectively using them, or any number of other issues are occurring, your body will have a difficult time releasing fat/weight from your body. So what can be done?

While James and Kaydee are nutritionists and not RD's or Doctors, they do have a good understanding of how the body works and how to make it work better. However, if you have a thyroid issue or are a diabetic, it would be important to first see your doctor to see if there is a underlying medical problem as to why you cannot seem to lose weight. If you have higher blood sugar or insulin, the good news is those typically can be helped with proper nutrition and is something James is trained in with the certification he mentioned above. While Kaydee did not attend the same training, she is trained as a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. James oversees all nutrition plans as well and works with Kaydee in helping design the best program for each individual. Other hormonal issues may require medical help in addition to proper nutrition. When we meet with you, we can help you understand how we can help and if we believe you would benefit from a medical perspective, we will let you know.

When you work with James and Kaydee, they will tailor design a nutrition plan to fit your lifestyle, your caloric need, your macronutrient profile and with your desired outcome in mind. We realize that asking you to do something you hate will only lead to frustration and failure. If you are considering losing weight, I am certain it is probably not the first time you have attempted to do so. Think back to what you did to lose weight in the past. Consider what extremes you went to in order to lose weight. Consider how much you attempted to change your entire life to accomplish something that is nothing more than a temporary destination in your life, and once you arrive, you just resort to what you used to do and find yourself needing to lose weight again.

What I just described was the "norm" for the habitual weight loss enthusiasts, the perpetual "dieter". Every week, every month, every year, they start a "new" diet, a "new" workout program, a "new" juice fast or extreme, rapid weight loss program. When does it all end? When you do become a slim, fit and athletic person? When do you finally feel you no longer need to lose weight? That is up to you and we are here to help.

Over the last few weeks I have shared information about our nutrition planning options. Beginning with the Customized Zone Macro Plan to The Body Type Macro Blueprint Nutrition Plan and now the RD Recommended Nutrition plan with Meal Planning Software. With all of our plans, we customize your nutritional profile based on several factors. We begin first with your Total Caloric Output. Below is a screen shot of how we determine how many calories you are burning.

In the example above, we can see that we begin with the BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. I have explained in my previous blog posts that this number is an estimate based on empirical data and uses an equation called the Harris Benedict Equation. This equation uses the following: Gender, Age, Height and Weight and is one the most trusted equations for estimating a person's BMR. You will also see there is an "Override" option. Since we use the Inbody 570 body composition machine which provides an estimate based on lean mass and not just total weight I will use the override option.

Next we have the Activity Index to estimate how many calories you burn each day through daily living. This is a rating system we use by asking you a few questions to help us understand what your approximate level of daily activity is. For example, a person who sits at a desk all day will not burn as many calories as someone who delivers packages. In addition, general demeanor must be considered as well. For example, a person who is very passive and is relaxed will burn fewer calories per day than someone who is fidgety and cannot sit still. This number must be added to your calories expended per day.

Next we move to Exercise. Exercise is defined as anything physical you do to improve your body, your health or a sport you play for fun and recreation. Science has done a good job of estimating how many calories you burn based on the same factors as the Harris Benedict Equation does. Exercise is the single greatest factor you control when it comes to how many calories you burn each day. This falls completely on your shoulders.

Lastly we must consider your body composition or in other words, your body fat percentage. Those who are leaner tend to burn more calories when they consume food than those who have a higher body fat percentage. This is called the TEF or Thermic Effect of Food and most meal planning or nutrition planning software or even consultants do not calculate this number. We do however as it can and does impact the total number of calories you burn each day.

Now we add them all together:

  • BMR 1982

  • Activity 529

  • Exercise 360

  • TEF 287

  • Total 3158

With an estimated Total Daily Caloric Expenditure or TDCE if 3158, we have a starting point for creating a nutrition plan. The next step is factoring in the body type multiplier I discussed in my last blog post. We will determine if they are an Ectomorph, a Mesomorph or and Endomorph. Click here to read more.

Without belaboring how I determine the body type here, we will assume this person is an Endomorph. Click hear to learn more about he body types. The endomorph naturally has a slower metabolism than what the Harris Benedict Equation predicts so we must take this into account. From all of my research, I was able to determine that by applying a multiplier of 0.8 x BMR I can account for the slower metabolism. In this case it lowers the BMR to1586 from the original 1982. This also effects the other calculations as well bringing the TDCE to 2605. As you can see, the Endomorph Body type burns more than 500 fewer calories in a day than what is automatically estimated using both the Harris Benedict Equation or the Inbody 570. Remember that 500 calories per day equals 1 pound of fat per week. Imagine if you used the original 3158 as the starting point, you would already be off by a substantial amount in accurately estimating what you need to do to properly lose weight. Sign up here for your FREE consultation to learn even more.

As we learned from our past blogs, knowing how many calories you burn is only the beginning and since we already know that a pound of fat is 3500 calories, we need to determine how many pounds of fat our client can realistically lose in a week and then set the appropriate caloric goal. People who are very active and are able to workout 5 or 6 days a week can generally burn upwards of 2 to 2.5 pounds of body fat per week. Those who cannot, generally have a lower fat loss goal in the beginning. Since our client's exercise calories burned are 360 and our client has a naturally slower metabolism, I recommend they set a goal of 1 pound of fat loss per week. This would mean I would set this clients caloric goal at 2105 per day. Should this client decide to add an additional 4 hours of exercise per week, they could increase their fat loss potential to nearly 1.6 pounds of fat loss per week. Consider losing 1.6 pounds a fat per week over 26 weeks, you could lose as much as 41.6 pounds of fat in only 6 months. When we meet, we will help you accurately and safely set an appropriate fat loss goal.

The last step is to determine the Macro Blueprint Profile for this client. This means, we will determine how many Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat grams they to consume need to accelerate your fat loss. This process is outlined in my last blog here.

From above we know this client is an Endomorph and will benefit from a higher fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate macro plan. Based on all of the information we have so far, this is the breakdown I would recommend for this client:

  • Calories 2105

  • Protein Grams 184 Calories 736

  • Carb Grams 132 Calories 528

  • Fat Grams 93.5 Calories 841.5

Now we have a plan. We know how many calories will be burned, how many calories to eat, and how many grams/calories of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat to consume to get those calories. The next step would be to meet in a week to evaluate how well the client has done. Did they eat the appropriate amounts every day? Did they exercise like they planned? Was there any extenuating circumstances that changed how they performed? Then we complete a Body Composition Analysis on the Inbody 570 and analyze the results. Did the client lose weight? Was it fat? Was it muscle? Did they gain? Was it fat? Was it muscle? Based on the results and how they answered the questions about following the plan, we can determine if changes are needed or are warranted. This is a dynamic plan and changes as the client does.

Most plans end here, but not ours. When you purchase our RD Recommended Nutrition plan you also have access to our Meal Planning Software for the full 26 weeks of the plan. Now we understand that many individuals use a tracking app to track their exercise and their food every day. This is a great option and we recommend doing so if you decide to lose weight on one of our other plans. However, when you work with us, we will train you on how to use our software to PLAN your day and nutrition rather than Track it alone. What this means is rather than adding exercise you do into the app, you just do the exercise you planned since it is already accounted for in your Nutrition Plan. Next, rather than add the food you eat throughout the day, choose the food you are going to eat based on our software recommendations and follow the plan. It is simple and easy.

The difference between what most people using apps are doing and what we are training you to do is most people TRACK what they have done. You cannot go back and undo what you have done, so if you eat something then track it, you may already be over on your calories or your macros for the day. You cannot go backwards here. With us you PLAN what you are going to eat before you put it in your mouth. You will know how much to eat of any food you choose to meet your goal. Plain and Simple!

So what comes next? Fill out this form and let's set up a FREE consultation to see if what we offer is right for you. All you have to lose is maybe some unwanted fat!

But wait, there's more......

Our goal while working with you is to help you feel like you have an accountability partner. What our role is as such is to help you be accountable to yourself and your "WHY", your reasons for wanting to make these lasting changes.

You did not read to this point without having a reason, a "why". There is a feeling, an emotion or a strong urge that has driven you to read all of this information. When you meet with us, we help you uncover your "why"! The real reason you want to make these changes. The real reason you feel so compelled to move forward toward a new future rather than stay where you are. Stuck! When we uncover your "why" we help keep you focused on that reason when we meet. When help you stay motivated when the difficult times arrive. We are like your coach in the Movie Rocky. We will tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it most and we also support you when you need the support as well.

If you have looked around my website, you have seen that I am a Life and Mind Coach in addition to a Nutritionist. I am trained in both Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), think Tony Robbins, and Hypnosis where I learned how the mind works on a deep level. You see, everything you do in life is first driven by emotion and then backed up by logic. We are not like Spok on star trek or Data from the same show, we have emotions and emotions are what make us human and drive us to take action or not.

So, what is the feeling, the emotion or the compulsion you are feeling now? What is driving you? Maybe you can answer this question and maybe you can't. Maybe you answered it too quickly and maybe you took too long. Why do I bring this up? Because, through my training with Tony Robbins, I have leaned a process to help my clients find their "why" at the deepest level. The why that may be unseen or not even considered. The real why that keeps you striving to make change. Most individuals believe their initial reason for wanting change as their "why" but 9 times out of 10 it isn't. Many of the why's you have are on the superficial level and are therefore not as strong as the deep rooted one. Because your why might be superficial, it will not be strong enough to push you past all of the places you have stopped in your journey in the past when they show up again in the now and in the future. Only your deep, powerful "why" will move you past those sticking points and propel you to the life you want and desire.

Now is the time. There is a reason you are here and perhaps that reason is because you have finally gotten to a place where change, true-lasting change can happen. So what are you going to do? You can chalk this up to another hyped option to help you lose weight that will only fail, or you can take accountability now for your "why" and begin the process. What are you waiting for? Click here to fill out a consultation request and let's see if you are ready to make these life changes now.

You might be asking, but how much will it cost? The price to work with us one to one for 26 weeks is only $599. Consider that in 6 months you could be down 20, 30 or even more pounds of not weight only, but fat. This means better health. It means more confidence. It means the best you.

Not sure you can hit your goal in 6 months? We have a 52 week option too. This plan is for someone looking to lose 50 LBS or more. This is also an option for those who have limited ability to exercise at the level needed to accelerate weight loss and may be limited to 1 pound per week. For the Year plan we ask $999. Think of something you have done for a year. Has it changed you forever? Probably so. So why not change the way you eat, they way you feel, the way you look forever!

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